Established in 2021, our mission is to bring together mushroom products from sustainable sources and reputable producers to the consumer market – making medicines accessible to those who need them most.

Our platform also focuses on mushroom education, in addition to providing mushroom products and services to the online mushroom community.

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Mushrooms have been a staple in medicine for as far back in human history as we can track. There are many thousands of species of mushrooms in the world, and each is unique. There are certain mushrooms known to humans however that stand out and have since been proven to have properties that are fundamental to maintaining our health.

Psilocybin Mushrooms help neurological function, neurotransmitter function, and increase cross-talk in the brain.

We take pride in sourcing our products from reputable sources then implement a rigorous screening process to ensure our valued clients get the best, and purest products available to add to their health regiments.

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Helps with immune function, blood sugar, inflammation, and recovery.


Helps with immune function,
allergies, and stress.

Lion’s Mane

Helps with brain function and neurotransmitter health.

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